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How far the contributions go...
  • 1.5¢ needed daily for a farming family to upkeep a lemon, banana, mango, or orange tree to incorporate fresh fruit into their diets, prevent soil erosion and desertification, and provide shade.
  • 6.8¢ needed daily for a farmer to purchase seed to produce one healthy harvest of maize, groundnut, or millet seeds.
  • $35 provides a hand pump for drinking water in Cambodia.
  • $35 supports 30 days of treatment for a severely malnourished child in Congo.
  • $50 helps a displaced family in Darfur, Sudan with needed emergency materials such as blankets, cooking pots, a tent shelter, etc.
  • $250 provides fluids for 30 children suffering from cholera in Congo.
  • $250 provides a water pump benefiting 500 people in Kenya.
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